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Vancouver International Writer’s & Reader’s Festival

I was very grateful to have been invited to Calgary Wordfest and I am equally grateful to be reading at the Vancouver’s International Writer’s & Readers Festival this week.

If you’re in town, come by and say hello!

My readings are as follows:

Wednesday, October 21st
Humour and Hormones
Don Calame
Robyn Harding
Host: Claudia Casper
1 ? 2:30 pm
Performance Works
$16 / $8 for student groups
Buy tickets online at Vancouver Tix.
No clich?d teen tales here. Screenwriter Don Calame perfectly channels the adolescent male?s obsession with the female. Robyn Harding draws from her own experiences as a teenager and the utter embarrassment at even having parents, let alone parents who have sex. Harding?s My Parents Are Sex Maniacs and Calame?s Swim the Fly face the topics of burgeoning adolescent sexuality and awareness with hilarity, tenderness and understanding.

Thursday, October 22nd
Some Words on Film
Don Calame
Robyn Harding
Host: Susin Nielsen
10 ? 11:30 am
Performance Works
$16 / $8 for student groups
Buy tickets online at Vancouver Tix.
Cariboo-born novelist Robyn Harding has completed a television pilot, has five novels under her belt, and continues to work both as author and screenwriter. Don Calame has just completed his first novel, after a successful career as a screenwriter whose film projects include Employee of the Month and Hounded and who has worked with Marvel Studios, the Disney Channel, Lionsgate, Universal Studios and Paramount. How do novelists approach writing for the screen, or screenwriters work to create a story without pictures? This is your chance to ask two successful storytellers who work with both forms.

Calgary Wordfest - Partie Deux

A little French there in the title (because I only know a little, I’m sorry to say) in honor of the many wonderful French language authors here at Wordfest. One of which, Francois Barcelo, spoke with me at length - about books, wine, French, among many other things - at the afternoon reception today. He was very engaging and taught me a little bit more French.

So, here I am in Calgary, in the midst of the fabulous Wordfest, having just watched the Calgary Flames trounce my beloved Vancouver Canucks, and still I’m loving me some Calgary. I don’t have the energy to give you all the details (or even all the salient details - which, as a writer, is a very bad example to set) because I am completely exhausted from having just finished my revision on the second book - handed in with minutes to spare yesterday.

Instead I will be haiku-like in my descriptions (though, without the very strict haiku-like syllabic limitations)

1) Calgary Wordfest rocks - the people who organize and run this incredible event deserve a standing ovation. I will give them one now. Please feel free to participate.

2) Calgary audiences also rock - The teens and adults who have attended my events have been AMAZING! If I could name every single one of them I would. You know something is going well when the audience laughs in all the right places and when the students and teachers ask tons of great questions. I am going to track down the names of the schools who came to the readings to give them all a shout out.

3) Pages bookstore in Calgary not only rocks. It rolls (not LITERALLY, but… well… you know what I mean). They are handling the book sales at Wordfest and I visited their store today. It is lovely, cozy, and inviting. Go. Now. Seriously.

4) Arthur Slade, one of the authors I read with is incredibly kind, generous, talented and super fun to work with. I hope we get to read together again some time in the future. His new book The Hunchback Assignments is super cool.

Here we are in front of the slide he made for us. (I totally ripped this picture off from his website).

5) Hiromi Goto, the second author I read with had me on the edge of my seat with her reading. Her book Half-World is very intense and filled with vivid details (unlike my current blog).

Okay, there’s absolutely nothing haiku-like about my blog post. I managed to babble on AND leave out the interesting details. But my brain is mush at the moment and so it will have to suffice.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Love, Lattes, and Laughter presentation (I’m not sure what portion of the show I am supposed to be supplying, but if I have to serve lattes I’m completely down with that. I’d do anything for the Wordfest people. I love what they’re doing here).

Calgary Wordfest

Well, tomorrow I’m off to Calgary to participate in the fabulous WordFest. I’m lucky enough to have been scheduled for three events. If you happen to be in Calgary over the next few days, come check out the “Fest!”


Here’s my schedule, but there are lots of great authors to see. (In my down time I’ll be finishing up my rewrite - never fear my patient editor)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Venue: Calgary Public Library, John Dutton Theatre
Start: 10:00am End: 11:30am
Don Calame and Arthur Slade
This event is for Grades 7 to 9. Embroil yourself in hilarious teenage boy antics and the fantastical adventures of a shape shifting secret agent.
Tickets $6.00 ? call WordFest at 403.237.9068

Friday, October 16, 2009
Venue: Vertigo Theatre Centre, Playhouse
Start: 10:00am End: 11:30am
Don Calame and Hiromi Goto
This event is for Grades 7 to 9. These two coming of age tales capture teens with hysterical antics and pulse-pounding adventures.
Tickets $6.00 ? call 403.237.9068.

Saturday, October 17, 2009
Venue: Vertigo Theatre Centre, Playhouse
Reception Start: 10:30am
Start: 11:30am End: 12:30pm
Debra Adelaide, Bonnie Burnard and Don Calame
Enjoy a morning of coffee and conversation and an array of heart-warming stories. Relationships are at the heart of Burnard and Adelaide?s latest books while Calame?s tale of teenage boy antics will keep you laughing. A coffee reception preceeds this event at 10:30am; event commences 11:30am. This event is presented in partnership with the Canadian Women’s Foundation.
Tickets are $20.00, $10.00 for students and seniors ? call WordFest at 403.237.9068 for more information.