Dirty Laundry

School & Library & Festival Visits

As I come up for some air between readings and writing work I just wanted to say how much fun I had visiting with the King David High School kids at the Jewish Book Festival in Vancouver as well as all the kids who came to the Burnaby Library and the amazing eighth graders at Scott Creek Middle School. As an author you spend the majority of your time huddled over your computer, all by yourself, working on your story and characters. It’s really nice to get out and read to an audience, hear their reaction, and answer all the thoughtful questions. I have to thank Nicole Nozick from the Jewish Book Festival for inviting me to read at the festival, as well as Sarah Lee at the Burnaby Library, Chris Miller at the Coquitlam Library and Cindy Kloos at the Richmond Library.

Now it’s back to my cave and computer to finish up the work on the new book (Beat the Band) as well as the rewrite on the Swim the Fly screenplay!

Jewish Book Festival Vancouver & Burnaby Library

I am very excited to have been invited to read at the Jewish Book Festival in Vancouver this year. I’ll be at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Vancouver @ 950 West 41st Ave (@Oak) on November 24th from 10am to 11am. If you’re around, swing by and say hello.

Also, I will be reading at the Burnaby Library McGill Branch, 4595 Albert St., Burnaby, B.C on Wednesday November 25th from 10am to 11am.

And then it’s back to work! work! work!

Monty Python on Writing a Novel

As I am still very much ensconced in revisions, corrections, emendations, editings, rewritings, and redraftings…

I give you a very silly Monty Python sketch from one of their albums. Which, I think, sums up the writing process pretty well.