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OLA Forest of Reading White Pine Award Nomination

That’s right. You read that correctly. Another award nomination for SWIM THE FLY. The OLA Forest of Reading White Pine Award

How exciting is that? I’ll tell you how exciting. Very.

And the best part about the Ontario Library Associations White Pine Award is that it is voted on by teen readers from all across Ontario. So they will be voting for the book they enjoyed the most. And really, when you get right down to it (even though I’m sure the other nominees are all very good) how could you actually enjoy any book more than SWIM THE FLY? Unless of course you happen to be reading BEAT THE BAND. And then it’s just a toss up. Either one will leave you thoroughly satisfied. Not that I’m biased or anything.

Anyway, if you want to check out what amazing work the Ontario Library Association is doing with their Forest of Reading Program check out their website: OLA Forest of Reading

I want to shout out a big thank you to the Ontario Library Association for including the book on this list.

TeenReadToo Interview

Hey all,

Why not head over to the TeenReadToo book club blog and check out the bizarrely fascinating interview I did over there. Plus, if you add a comment, you have a chance to win autographed hardcover copies of SWIM THE FLY and BEAT THE BAND. I already added two comments so my chances are pretty good!


Yesterday was my birthday and my sister had to be the one to point out to me that it was 10-10-10, a very lucky set of numbers, indeed. Especially if you are a slot machine player. I’m not sure how I missed that, as I used to be so tuned into the numbers and birthday thing. When I turned ten years old it was a big deal to me because I was born on 10-10. But I guess because this was just “a middle-number birthday” I didn’t look for the specialness in the date.

Anyway, my wife and I had a wonderfully relaxing day. She made me a sponge cake, got me an iPhone 4 and a beautiful travel bag, whipped up a tasty cheese souffle for lunch (didn’t I tell you I had the best wife ever!), all followed by a trip to see THE SOCIAL NETWORK (interesting story, decent enough acting, not the jaw dropping experience some have made it out to be) and a quick bite for dinner at a local restaurant. For me, it was the perfect birthday. Simple, cozy, relaxing.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Don’t ask me what that means because I couldn’t tell you. I grew up in the States and so Thanksgiving for me will always be the fourth Thursday in November and have to do with Pilgrims and Native Americans and The Harvest. It’s probably something similar here in the Great White North, though they don’t take it quite as seriously. Anyway, there will be turkey and stuffing and pies today, so what’s not to love!

Finally, I hope all of you have been rushing out to grab your copies of BEAT THE BAND. I’ve already received some fantastic emails (keep them coming) from people who have enjoyed the book. Some even more than SWIM THE FLY! So what are you waiting for? Why not celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving AND my birthday by buying yourself and all your friends a copy of BEAT THE BAND. And if you’d like you can even write to me and I’ll send you a free signed bookplate. How cool would THAT be?