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Happy Holidays: So Much To Tell, So Very Tired

Yes, it has been quite some time since I’ve blogged. Normally I have nothing to blame but pure laziness and perhaps my subscription to NHL Gamecenter Live where I can watch far too many hockey games (sometimes several at one time - gotta love that picture in picture function).

But this time I really do have a good excuse. I have spent the last several months pruning, polishing, and reworking my next book (Call the Shots) which is due out in the fall of 2012. Somehow I got behind schedule (perhaps it was the fact that the book was running nearly 500 pages long). Thankfully, I have the world’s greatest editor (Kaylan Adair at Candlewick Press) and she was instrumental in whipping this book into excellent shape.

I both love and hate the rewriting stage. I love that you have an opportunity to make things better but I hate having to try to keep the entire book in my head all at once. I am much better at working on individual scenes than the overall picture of things. But when I am rewriting, I have to keep the entire story in my head so that anything that gets changed can be tracked through the rest of the novel. I find it incredibly exhausting. But I suppose it’s good to stretch one’s brain functions every once in a awhile.

I have so many things to write about but I have no idea where to start. I suppose I’ll just hit the highlights for you. If you’re persistent there will be a nice video waiting for you at the end of this blog. (And if you’re not persistent and just impatient, you can scroll down and watch it now).

As I’ve already said, Call the Shots is pretty much finished. It’s taken me over a year to write and I am extremely excited by how it’s turned out. Just some copy editing to do in 2012 and it should be all set to go. I already have a great idea for my next book (not part of the Swim the Fly series) but I’m going to take a little time to refuel before I dive back into the writing. You wouldn’t think that sitting at your computer and dreaming up stories would be so tiring and yet it really is quite draining.

Some fantastic news on the Beat the Band front. I found out a few weeks ago that Beat the Band has been nominated for an OLA Forest of Reading White Pine Award. This was the very award that Swim the Fly was nominated for (and was chosen as an Honour Book) last year. So, all of you out there in Ontario: get reading and get voting.

Over the past few months I’ve done some wonderful events. I read at Word on the Street Vancouver and was also a presenter at The Surrey International Writers Conference. If you’re a writer and have never been to SIWC I can’t recommend it enough. It’s where I met my editor and it is an amazing gathering of authors, agents, publishers, and editors. I had a blast giving my presentations on writing for YA and writing screenplays.

What else? What else?

I had a chance to see Moneyball (the only movie I’ve seen in the last four months) and really enjoyed it. I also read the Steve Jobs Biography which I thought was excellent. Right now I’m two-thirds of the way through The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach and it’s very good so far.

There’s so much more I want to write about. Sidney Crosby and his struggles with his concussion. Steve Jobs passing away. My time living in Toronto for three months.

But my brain is pretty much pudding right now. So I will leave you with the promo video I put together for the Candlewick Press sales conference. Once again, my dog Scooter deserves much of the credit here. Hope you enjoy it. And Happy Holidays to everyone.