Dirty Laundry

Happy 2013, Hockey, and Other Ramblings

First, before I even begin, I am going to apologize for the rambling nature of this blog post. I know I haven’t written it yet but I also realize that I am hopped up on cold medication and my brain is a bit foggy. I’ve been wandering around in a pillow-encased haze for the past few days. Shuffling zombie-like through the supermarket aisles thinking “what was I going to get” and “Oh, yeah, I need celery for the chicken soup.” And then, at the checkout, realizing I’d totally forgotten the celery I’d remembered I needed to get just a few minutes before.

See, already this is a pathetic babble. Feel free to stop reading at any time.

Anyway, as I was saying, or as I had wanted to say but forgot, then remembered… I had managed to avoid all the various colds and flus zipping around the air over the past four or five months but on a recent trip to Seattle, when my immune system wasn’t looking, I got jumped. It’s not the worst cold in the world. Started with a sore throat then morphed into a cotton-headed, draggy, muddled-brained feeling with a bad case of the sniffles.

I was very proud of my immune system up to this point. Was feeling smug about my superior state of health. My wife has been hit with three different colds in the last several months and I didn’t get one of them. She had gotten the flu shot and I did not. I was quietly pleased at how I had managed to stay germ free all this time. Especially since my wife likes to poke fun at me and all the potions and pills I consume. All the times I slather my hands with disinfectant.

To be fair to her, it is a bit comical, the amount of vitamins and herbs I take. The amount of Purell I go through. I should probably stop reading all the health magazines I do, stop listening to all the exercise and fitness podcasts on my way to the gym. Because when someone mentions that a certain vitamin or herb can help with this, that or the other thing, I can’t help myself but want to try it out.

But enough about my cold. What else can I blather on about.

Just recently finished reading several books I very much enjoyed. Pete Townshend’s autobiography brought me back to my younger years as a wannabe rock star. Also read Jonathan Tropper’s One Last Thing Before I Go, which I thought was a fun read. It starts off better than it ends, but I was glad I read it. Read a book called The Card by Michael O’Keeffe and someone else whose name escapes me at the moment. That’s terrible. I better look up the other author’s name. I’ll be right back…

Teri Thompson. That’s the other author’s name. The book was about baseball card collecting and the famous two million dollar Honus Wagner baseball card. It sounds boring but it was actually really fascinating. Especially if you’ve ever collected baseball cards (or anything, really) in your life. An interesting history of the hobby, collectors, and the con men involved.

Speaking of sports (sort of), NHL hockey is back and I am incredibly happy about it. The nice thing about the NHL lockout and there being no hockey games is how much more you (or I) enjoy the games now that they are on again. It’s sort of like being sick - say, with a cold. It makes you appreciate your health all the more. That’s why I am not angry at the players or the owners for them cancelling half the season. I am enjoying the games that much more because I know there will be less of them and because it’s been so long since I got to see one.

What else can I write about. Oh, yeah, I’m working on a new book - the one I mentioned in my last blog - and I am really having fun with it. I was a little nervous to work on something that was totally different that the Swim the Fly books but I am finding it quite enjoyable. And freeing, in an odd way. Because I was so familiar with the world of Matt, Coop and Sean. Now I can stretch out a bit and create an entire new world, with new characters, new settings. It’s still a comedy. And still involves the trials and tribulations of teenage boys. But it takes place in a whole new arena which I think my readers will enjoy. At least, I hope they enjoy it. I know I am… enjoying it. Did that make sense? I don’t know anymore…

I’m starting to fade so I should sign off while my fingers are still able to find the right keyboard keys.

Until next time….