Dirty Laundry

I Woke Up And It Was March

Can someone please slow down 2013? Seriously. It’s speeding by much too quickly. We are nearly one quarter of the way through the year and I still haven’t done one quarter of the things I’d planned on yet.

I started off the year with a slew of resolutions and good intentions and then ditched every last one of them by the third week in January. I should know by now not to try to make grand sweeping changes in my life. I inevitably feel disappointed in myself when I can’t stick to all of the “life enhancing” improvements that I vow to make.

It’s much better to try to make small changes. And just tackle one thing at a time. It’s sort of like writing a novel in that way. You can’t just sit down and “write a novel.” Oh, I suppose all those NaNoWriMo people can do it. Or at least try. But what I mean is you can’t just write a book all at once. You have to take it in stages. Small bits. A few pages a day.

The same goes with any sort of self betterment effort. At least for me. If the expectation is too huge I get overwhelmed and then I want to just go read a book or play NHL13 on my XBox.

I’m much better at small focused tasks. My wife is far better at seeing the big overall picture of things. I guess that’s why she is one of those people who CAN actually sit down and just start writing a book. Whereas I need time to organize my thoughts. Do a bit of outlining. Research. Try this on. Or that. Write a few chapters. Scrap them and start over.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. So I think I’ll shift gears.

Here are some things I’ve enjoyed recently:

We Live In Water by Jess Walter. This is an amazing collection of short stories. I love the way Jess Walter writes. He has an incredible knack for tapping the perfect detail at the perfect time. His stories have that capital T “Truth” about them. Even the one about the zombie apocalypse.

Zero Dark Thirty. This was a pretty intense film. It was unpleasant to watch but also fascinating. Interesting to watch it and then read the Esquire article about the man who killed Osama Bin Laden who’s now retired and struggling to feed his family.

Amour. Another movie that was not a million laughs but with beautiful performances from the actors. It takes a bit of getting used to watching the static shots in this movie as we are so accustomed to the fast paced cutting of American films. But definitely worth a look. Just don’t plan on being happy for a few days afterwards.

I’m really late to the Adele party, I know, but I am thoroughly enjoying her songs recently.

Speaking of music, I am looking forward to the new season of The Voice even though, as a screenwriter, I am not supposed to enjoy or support reality television.

Of course, the best reality television of all is NHL hockey and I have been watching my fair share of that as well. I’m thinking Pittsburgh and Chicago in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Oh, there goes my dryer, singing it’s happy “I’m done drying your clothes” song. Time to get a’foldin’.