Dirty Laundry

New Year, New Book, New Tour Dates

2017 is turning into a busy one with lots of appearances (see tour dates) and a book deadline and a To Do List as long as my arm.

And do I ever need that To Do list. It’s funny but if I don’t write down the things I need to accomplish—from the big to the very small—they simply do not get done. It used to be I’d be able to carry all of the things I need to accomplish in my head but now I seem to need the satisfaction of crossing the thing off a list in order to get motivated to do it. And not a digital list either. It has to be a hardcopy and I have to be able to cross that thing off with a pen.

Which is why it’s taken me so long to get back to this blog. I simply hadn’t put it on my list. And so, getting the car serviced, and booking my plane tickets, and writing my new book, and changing the furnace filters, and a million other things got done but only because I wrote them down.

I’m sure there is some psychological reason for it—a feeling of accomplishment or something—but THE LIST is a magical thing. I even reverse-list things. Like, if I somehow accidentally do something that wasn’t on the list… I’ll write it on the list and then cross the sucker off.

The biggest thing on my list right now is completing the first draft of my new book. I’m so close I can taste it. Of course, I thought I was close last month. But then… you know… holidays and family and the flu. But now… now it’s really, really close. Which is another reason I don’t blog (and Twitter and Facebook etc. etc.) as I ought to. I am a single minded person. Not so great at the multitasking thing. I am easily distracted and so if I am doing other things I am not writing my book. Like at this very moment. I need to be writing my book.

And so, I am going to sign off now and get back to it. Because there is a very simple rule to finishing a novel. If you don’t sit down and do it—and you don’t put it at the very top of THE LIST—then it never gets done.