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How About Some Writing Tips

It’s been a few weeks since I put the finishing touches on Call the Shots and while I’m enjoying my rejuvenating refuelling time I am starting to get the writing itch once again. I always tell myself I am going to take several months off to do nothing but read and relax and veg out. But inevitably a few weeks pass, maybe a month, and the ideas start bubbling up to the surface. And so, I’ve started playing around with a new idea. Just jotting down some notes here and there. Fiddling with the characters. Their situations. Funny things that might happen to them.

In all honesty, this is my favorite time in the writing process. It’s the play time where anything is possible. Where your story and characters are all out there to be discovered for the first time.

Just in case any of you have the writing bug right now, here’s an article I wrote for The Guardian on tips for writing funny dialogue. They removed my title from the article which was something like Top Five Tips For Writing (Funny) Dialogue. So, when you get to the reference about the parenthesis and you have no idea what I’m talking about… well, now you will. Enjoy!

Top Tips For Writing (Funny) Dialogue

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