Dirty Laundry

Writing, Hockey, Puppies and a Belated Happy New Year

Okay, so it’s been a few months since I’ve blogged. But I have some very good excuses. There is, of course, the rewrite of my new book which is due in just a few short weeks. Been really knuckling down to get this done. And, of course, there were the holidays. Not to mention the Olympic hockey tournament. Which was AMAZING! Also, my wife and I adopted a new puppy (see pictures below). If you’ve ever adopted a puppy before then you will know how very time consuming this can be. Especially when you live some place where it gets to be forty below. There’s shopping for all the puppy gear. Hourly trips outside in the freezing cold. Constant cuddling. Getting up every few hours at night to take more trips outside. You get the idea.

So, you see, I’ve been a tad busy.

But here I am to wish all my readers a very happy 2014. I can’t believe that we are already two months into this new year. Time seems to pick up speed as I get older. And it really takes off when I have a deadline approaching.

I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines. I seem to need them to get me motivated but I also feel incredibly anxious as they approach and I start doing page counts and realize that there is no way in hell that I am going to get finished in time.

That’s when it’s great to have a super supportive wife who will cheerleader you on. Also, nice to have a puppy to snuggle with and to remind you that life is good and to not take things so seriously.

On that note, say hello to Anna:




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