Lionsgate, 2006

For years Zack Bradley (Dane Cook) has been working hard at hardly working at the local Super Club. That’s until a hottie named Amy (Jessica Simpson) becomes the new cashier. After discovering she’s willing to date the next guy to become “Employee of the Month”, Zack takes on current titleholder (Dax Shepard) in a super-smackdown to see who will win the honor - and Amy’s heart - in this outrageous comedy that proves you can’t succeed at life and love till you get your shift together.



A lot of people really like this movie.  A lot of people don’t.  Honestly, I hardly recognize the film from the one I wrote with my writing partner (Chris Conroy) at the time.  It was originally a story about two best friends who nearly destroy each other when they try to impress the new girl by becoming Employee of the Month.  I thought the original screenplay was much funnier and outrageous.  But that’s just me.  Though, I think I can say without much hesitation that Chris would agree.  We wrote the script in 2000, it sold in 2001 and it didn’t get made until 2006.  Along the way there was much rewriting, on our part and on others.  Ultimately, I think, that it became pretty homogenized.  You can watch it and judge for yourself.