Disney Channel, 2001

Jay Marshall (Tahj Mowry) is Hounded when he accidentally kidnaps his principal’s dog. Thirteen-year-old Jay is committed to getting the one scholarship available for the Peterson Academy—otherwise, it’s off to his worse nightmare… military school. He proudly pours his heart into a presentation that is sure to be a triumph, until his mean-spirited rival, Ronny Van Dusen (Shia Lebouf), spoils his plans by stealing his speech and using it in front of a packed auditorium. Despite drawing up a plan to catch Ronny red-handed, Jay’s plans are thwarted again, only this time it’s the Van Dusen’s obnoxious dog that gets in the way. Is Jay destined for fatigues and marching—or will he be able to pursue his dream at the Peterson Academy?


Hounded was one of those rare instances where you go in and pitch a movie, the company buys the idea, you write the movie and it’s filmed almost exactly as you wrote it.  Now, that’s not to say it’s a great work of art.  But it was fun to do.  The special effects are ridiculously bad.  The acting’s not much better.  But I still think there are a fair amount of laughs in this one, if you can find the movie anywhere.  It was cutting edge for Disney Channel at the time and they were a bit worried about the insane dog going after a little boy (ala the rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail).  Of the two films I’ve written that have actually made it all the way to the screen, Hounded is by far the more rewarding and funny.  In my humble opinion.