Other Projects

There are probably a dozen or so scripts out there with my name on them that companies such as Paramount, Marvel, and Universal own.  It?s highly unlikely that any of them will ever see the light of day but you never know (although, you kinda do).

Of the ones that have been temporarily (or permanently) abandoned these are my favorites:

(sold to Larry Gordon & Universal Studios)
When the most honest man in the world gets passed over for a much-deserved promotion he decides to lie for the very first time in his life.  He calls in sick to work and this tiny white lie snowballs into complete disaster.

(sold to Paramount Pictures)
Two best friends win a chance to kick a field goal for a million dollars at a college football game.  They use the opportunity to go on a hilarious college football watching road trip that nearly tears them apart.

(sold to Universal Studios)
A wedding obsessed woman who has been a bridesmaid all too often is finally going to get married and have the wedding of her dreams.  Her only problem: she and her fianc? have no money.  Her solution: convince her maid-of-honor to help her knock over a bank.

(written for Marvel Studios)
Based on the comic book about the construction company that must clean up the mess from all the superhero battles.

(written for Marvel Studios)
Loosely based on the comic book of the same name.  A teenage boy thinks he?s just going through puberty when, in reality, he?s turning into an adult-sized superhero.  It?s Superman meets Big.

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